Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solution is a convenient, on-demand model for network access, wherein costs are significantly reduced, storage availability increases, high automation eliminates worries about keeping applications up to date and there is extensive flexibility and control of data. Apart from this there is higher reliability and up time and mobility is increased, allowing organizations to access information anytime, anywhere. Allows you to self-provision servers, network, storage infrastructure real-time from anywhere, anytime Resources accessed over a secure connection. Cloud Migration Assistance
Data is the cornerstone of successful cloud application deployments. Your evaluation and planning process may highlight the physical limitations inherent to migrating data from on-premises locations into the cloud. We offers a suite of tools to help you move data via networks, roads and technology partners. Cloud migration is something your business can do itself, one way or another, with greater or lessor effort and required time. However, if you want to migrate to cloud for your business successfully, then cloud migration assistance should be your number one option. Cloud migration assistance can easily be the cheapest and most efficient way to go through this critical period smoothly and with no pain at all.
Braingrid will migrate your servers to the supported physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure of your choice, leveraging our server migration solution. Whether it’s a migration to a public cloud, virtual private cloud, or a data center relocation project, Braingrid Professional Services has you covered. Simply contact Braingrid today and a certified Braingrid Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) will discuss your needs, confirm your environment is supported, and schedule your project. Service includes:
• Project management
• Program management
• Environment discovery
• Application affinity/dependency mapping
• Server preparation
• Server migration
• Basic post-migration configuration
• Basic server verification
• Application cut over